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Special Guest on Kim Talks

Sylvia O’Connor is a self-employed motivational speaker who specializes in discussing the art of moving on, sharing her story of resilience of leaving her southern home for a better life up north.

In this video, you will learn:

1. How Sylvia decided to move out of her comfort zone in order to have a better life

2. What it was like for Sylvia to turn in her resignation and start her new career

3. How Sylvia’s faith has helped her through difficult times

Here is an overview of everything in this video:

[00:00:56] – Sylvia won a large financial settlement for exposing financial fraud after spending 30 years in healthcare.

[00:04:51] – In order to do something better, sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone.

[00:06:57] – In order to leave her family for a better life, she enrolled in college and met lots of friends.

[00:09:16] – After 30 years of working as a public speaker, seeker Swim quit her job in health information, and she’s been speaking for six months.

[00:11:17] – Sylvia has been on the journey for 6 months.

[00:11:50] – After 30 days of retooling herself to become a public speaker, she met with you at the National Publicity Summit.

[00:12:59] – What do you offer that’s different or unique to you?

[00:13:43] – John Maxwell gave a speech on Moving On in Buzz with Steve Harrison.

[00:15:04] – Sylvia wants to leave a legacy for women who are 20 and 30 years younger than her.

[00:19:19] – As a self-employed person. The biggest challenge is working for yourself.

[00:20:10] – This Thanksgiving is going to be a tough one for families coming out of that hate funnel.

[00:22:22] – Two years ago, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and she had her thyroid removed.

[00:25:47] – Sylvia believes that poverty is a state of mind, not of economics.

[00:27:06] – Sylvia O’Connor has a website for women looking for leadership.

[00:29:22] – Kim talks. Resilience is a podcast and monthly magazine

Podcast with Dr. Allen Lycka starring Sylvia O’Connor

126: Pursue Your Passion

Sylvia O’Connor knows a thing or two about poverty, loneliness, and job stagnation. She joins Dr. Lycka today to offer her unique insight on how to overcome these troubling situations. Unhappy with the fraud and corruption in the health-care system, she became a whistleblower where she won a financial reward that became the beginning of her journey from “poverty to prosperity.”

Guest Bio: Sylvia O’Connor is an author and Motivation speaker with a master’s degree in Administration. She gave up a 30 plus year career in health care to pursue her life’s mission of helping others.

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Sylvia O'Connor

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