Discover Sylvia’s 9 Principles for Moving from Poverty to Prosperity

You  Can Live an Abundant Life!

Are you ready to go to take the journey from poverty to prosperity? If you believe it, you will achieve it! Sylvia O’Connor did and her memoir shows how you can too! Sylvia shares her story of life growing up poor in a small town in Louisiana, shedding the seeming restraints that held her back, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees, then succeeding in a 30-year career in the health care industry while also being an adjunct professor. Proving that it is never too late, she has now ventured into entrepreneurship by forming her own company Sylvia O’Connor SOAR LLC to do speaking and training.

In this book you will:

Discover the opportunities and successes available by moving on in life.

Understand that you are 100% responsible for your life.

Realize that sometimes you have to move on in life to move up in life and that may mean moving out of your comfort zone.

Be inspired to take control of your own road to success by using these tools and principles.

Know that it is never too late to achieve your dreams.

Find out about the power of the gifts of goodbye.

Learn from Sylvia’s story that all obstacles can be overcome.

Living the Abundant Life is a must read. It is a call to action. The book is a riveting guide and full of life applications. In the book Sylvia explained how a person can rise from poverty to prosperity. Sylvia starts off by letting the reader know how her journey from the streets of Louisiana to Detroit, Michigan leads her on the road to success. She talks about how her Aunt Gladys helped her as she matriculates through college and obtained her degrees. In the book Sylvia talks about 9 principles of being successful. Seeking help from others was one of the principles. Living the Abundant Life is a guide to help people to navigate through the difficulties of life and to become successful.”

Minister Earline D. Vaughn, Detroit, MI

“I highly recommend reading Living the Abundant Life book. It captivated my attention from her childhood living with her parents, living in Detroit with her Aunt Gladys, her education, working, living on her own to marriage and on how to stop living from poverty to prosperity. Reading this success story of her life will encourage and motivate others to start making a difference in their own life. The 9 steps should be platinum and referred to as often as necessary. The book is life changing and the principals are there to guide you through. You can live an abundant life.”

Beverly F. Harris, Louisiana