About Sylvia O'Connor

Hi, I am Sylvia O’Connor, an expert on moving on. I grew up in a poor family in Louisiana. We did not have enough food, let alone a refrigerator, electricity, or a telephone but we did have love. Yet somehow, I always knew that I would work my way out of poverty. I took the first step toward breaking out of my less-than optimal life circumstances, when I moved to Detroit Michigan to live with my aunt after high school graduation. I had never been outside of the south before and left my family, friends, and everything else to seek a better life. It was not easy. But thanks to my aunt’s guidance, care, and financial support, I earned the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree I needed to spend over 30 years in health care. I served as an adjunct professor in allied health at Davenport University at the Dearborn, Livonia, and Warren campuses. As satisfying as that was, I am even more excited about my new endeavor: helping other people move past their roadblocks and limitations, whether they be financial, educational, emotional, or spiritual. I know that if you can believe it, you can achieve it! Won’t you join me?
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